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Jacquelyn S. Rardin
Corporate Communications Manager


Software 21 adds " Touch Screen" Technology to FlexGen 4 - AE
Ease of use and Efficiency brought to
Automated Data Collection

Kirkland, WA - Software 21, a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products, announced today that it has added all new, fully integrated "Touch Screen" technology throughout its Automated Data Collection suite. This unique enhancement is now available as a standard software feature of FlexGen4 - AE Enterprise Software Solution.

"By integrating a touch screen based, data collection interface to FlexGen 4 - AE, we can now offer manufacturing companies a highly efficient, reliable and accurate process to gather data from across the enterprise" said Jerry Weikert, VP Product Development Software 21. "The long-term benefit to a touch screen interface comes from the wealth of additional management information we can present to the end user, to make them more productive and informed - something that is very difficult with a simple keyboard or bar code scanner."

Designed using touch screen monitors by Elo Systems, connected to a Microsoft platform including SQL Server 2005 database, FlexGen 4 - AE's data collection suite simplifies the act of entering production control and time and attendance related data. Users are guided through the data collection process with real-time performance feedback, based on set production schedules and standards. Touch screen provides a very robust communication environment for dispatching news, schedule changes, individual performance metrics while at the same time, providing real-time updates to production control.

Pacific Research laboratories, Inc. a leader in medical models for orthopedic and medical education, based in Vashon Island, WA, is one of the early adopters to implement the new touch screen offering from Software 21.

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