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Jacquelyn S. Rardin
Corporate Communications Manager


TaxiTech selects Software 21
to implement Enterprise Solution
including a demanding schedule and New York City oversight

Kirkland, WA - Software 21, a leading provider of Enterprise
Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products, announced it was selected by Taxi Technology Corporation, to implement its FlexGen 4 - AE, Enterprise Software Solution, only after a rigorous six month evaluation of software capability and professional services.

When the City of New York mandated that all medallions (taxicabs) would be required to implement new passenger services including a Passenger Information Monitor or touch screen, live interactive maps, and payment of fares by credit card, Taxi Tech's - eTaxi met the challenge. "We had a demanding schedule to equip over 2,200 taxis with our innovative new eTaxi technology and required a solid, well test enterprise software solution to help manage the many new business services the TLC (Taxi Limousine Commission) of NYC was mandating" said Ed Sloam, President of Taxi Tech." As important, was the need to develop many highly customized applications unique only to our business model, that Software 21 demonstrated the skills and experience to complete".

For Software 21, the technical challenge TaxiTech presented included developing significant new web based software to transact thousands of financial services and credit card based transactions, with Taxi Tech's partner companies such as AMS and Apriva. The medallion industry also required the development of new FlexGen 4 - AE applications to help manage taxi information, scheduling of drivers, and managing the eTaxi hardware and systems installations overseen by the TLC.

Taxi Tech uniquely combines three industries - interactive advertising and media, ground transportation, and wireless electronic payments. Using the eTaxi platform, Taxi Tech enables advertisers to reach high income taxi passengers through an appealing interactive monitor in a captive environment. Taxi owners gain increased management of their fleet and realize additional revenue sharing opportunities. Taxi Tech operates out of facilities located in Englewood, NJ and New York City. To learn more please visit -

About Software 21 -
Founded in 1986, Software 21 has become a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products. Software 21's enterprise software FlexGen4-AE, features fully integrated ERP, CRM, SCM and BI applications designed to enhance manufacturing productivity, supply chain efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Software 21 provides business management services to it's customers, developed to foster rapid software implementation, high return on investment based on "Best Practice" business procedures and methods. To learn more, please visit -

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