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Jacquelyn S. Rardin
Corporate Communications Manager


Software 21 Partners with Avalara to
Solve complex Sales Tax challenges
for customers, with innovative web solution - AvaTaxConnect

Kirkland, WA - Software 21, a leading provider of Enterprise
Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products, announced an agreement to integrate and service the Avalara family of web based Sales and Use Tax tools, developed exclusively by Avalara.

All small to mid sized businesses face the challenge of navigating the calculation and reporting of sales and use tax liabilities, if doing business today in the US or Canada. In the near future, many states intend to man- date on line calculation and reporting of all tax liabilites due including e-commerce and other sources of on-line revenues to the states. Avalara offers a clear solution to the e-filing and e-payment trend in the future through it's innovative AvaTax family of on line services. Being web based, AvaTax maintains the most accurate and up to date tax and filing regulations available for more than 12,500 unique taxing jurisdictions across the country. AvaTax is able to validate rates and calculations of taxes based on zip code, address for the transaction and regulations specifying the type of sale requiring taxes due. The web service is fully integrated and now available through Software 21's FlexGen4 - AE CRM business applications.

With this partnership, Software 21 continues a successful move towards integrating new applications and tools within FlexGen4 - AE, designed to offer our customers value and "Best of Industry Technology" for productivity enhancement, said Rob Foulkes, CEO of Software 21.

About Avalara -
Avalara was founded in 1999, dedicated and committed to one mission - solving the complex and painful task of managing Sales and Use tax considerations including what should be taxed, when, how much and filing the results on line. The market place Avalara has grown to dom- inate is the SMB community, using state of the art web technology and business practices. Avalara supports over 20,000 on line customers across the United States and Canada. Avalara is headquartered in Bainbridge Island, WA. To learn more, please visit -

About Software 21 -
Founded in 1986, Software 21 has become a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products. Software 21's enterprise software FlexGen4-AE, features fully integrated ERP, CRM, SCM and BI applications designed to enhance manufacturing productivity, supply chain efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Software 21 provides business management services to it's customers, developed to foster rapid software implementation, high return on investment based on "Best Practice" business procedures and methods. To learn more, please visit -

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