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Jacquelyn S. Rardin
Corporate Communications Manager


BlueView Technologies Selects Software 21's SaaS based FlexGen 4 - AE to help drive Engineering, Production and Customer Relations

Kirkland, WA - Software 21, a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products, announced that BlueView Technologies selected FlexGen 4 - AE for immediate implementation. As a leader in the compact sonar systems industry, BlueView's management needs rapidly outgrew their current software environment, necessitating a new implementation of a fully integrated and comprehensive SaaS based solution including CRM / SCM / EP / BI.

"In a challenging economy, coupled with a highly technical product, timely and accurate management information and metrics are critical. For BlueView Technologies, we needed an ERP solution that we could implement quickly and enhance our ability to manage all of our business processes within one system," said Scott Bachelor, President of BlueView Technologies. "When we saw the depth of FlexGen 4 - AE's applications including Configuration Management, Serial Number tracking, ECO's and accompanying Business Performance metrics, we knew Software 21 was the company we could grow with and improve our overall business capabilities."

Software 21's Professional Services Group will participate in the training and deployment of all the new business management processes to be used in production control, quality assurance and supply chain management. Highly engineered and customer specified technologies play a large role in the product definition of all of BlueView's sonar products. Software 21's experience, coupled with FlexGen 4 - AE's highly configurable applications, will ease the implementation task and reduce the overall cost of implementation.

BlueView Technologies sonar has been called an "acoustic flashlight" providing high definition imagery of objects under water. Any underwater activity that could be constrained by poor underwater clarity is a potential market for BlueView, which now currently includes major contracts with the Navy, Port Authorities and the oil and gas industries. BlueView is headquartered in Seattle, WA. To learn more visit -

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Founded in 1986, Software 21 has become a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions to manufacturing companies of high technology products. Software 21's enterprise software FlexGen4-AE features fully integrated ERP, CRM, SCM and BI applications designed to enhance manufacturing productivity, supply chain efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Software 21 provides business management services to its customers, developed to foster rapid software implementation, high return on investment based on "Best Practice" business procedures and methods. To learn more, please visit -

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